Apply Wig & Care Instructions

Included with your hair system is a wig grip. Read the bullets in each area before you take action.

Apply wig grip:

  • Prep your hair. Ensure all hair is pinned back and off your skin
  • Position logo on right side of head (near ear)
  • Wrap wig grip around your head
  • Secure wig grip by pressing on velcro at nape of neck

Cut lace (Only if needed. Lace should be cut upon delivery)

  • Place hair system on mannequin or hold in hand steadily while sitting down
  • Cut alongside the hairline in areas without hair. Do not cut the areas with hair

Apply wig

  • Grab the back of your wig at the nape. Yes, the wig will be upside down. Your eyes should see the back and inside of your wig
  • Lean forward, place your head inside the wig, and pull back
  • The wig should be on your head now
  • The ear tabs should go in the front of your ear. However, this is not always the case. All heads are shaped differently
  • Adjust the wig in a comfortable position
  • For a better fit, remove the wig and adjust the security hooks (along the nape) and the thick band (across the mid back of head)
  • The wigs hairline should sit flat against your skin. Take your fingers or the end of a fine tooth comb and untuck any wig lace and/or wig hair that folded under
  • Remember, the lace should sit on your skin flat and not your natural hair or on the wig grip. Please see image

Watch our client put her wig on here

Cleansing and blowdrying

  • Hair systems are washed and conditioned two days before shipment
  • We recommend no more than two washes per month
  • Use shampoo and conditioner for greater results
  • Clients are to use any products they choose. We ask to pay attention to how the hair feels after washing and blowdrying to determine if those products are best
  • We recommend air drying or a hand dryer. Air drying may need more than 5 hours. Hand drying requires a sturdy mannequin head. Comb for better results
  • Detangle your hair system during the drying process