THLC presents the art of perfection to clients after the tramatuic expereience of hair loss. Our pieces are designed with excellent craftsmanship to provide comfort and a natural look to each client.


customize your look

Discover new horizons after hair loss. Have your hair system cut and styled on you in Houston, Texas by appointment.



Providing rich unique inspiration during your design. Multiple hair textures, skin complextions, and more ensures an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Design Online

vision of beauty

Our online collection connects clients to an unparralled hair loss expereince. Discover unique hair colors and styles you never knew exisited with cranial prosthetics.

Features & Benefits

unique lengths

Collaborate with THLC in designing and developing a hair system unique for you. Hair lengths range from 5-26"

Long Systems

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Telephone: (832) 834-4997
E-mail: sales@tcchairloss.com

Headquartered in Texas, USA