Discover Amazing Long Lasting Hair After Hair Loss

Since 2017, we've serviced women, men, and kids not only in Houston, TX but around the globe. TCC Hair Loss Clinic provides luxury, European hair systems for cancer, alopecia, hashimotos disease, weight loss surgery, trichotillomania patients, and more. 

All hair systems are created with the finest top 5% of hair from Europe. Hair strands are hand selected from women with the purest and strongest hair follicals. With our impeccable designs and craftsmanship, each TCC Hair System is a masterpiece closests to reality and undetectable by the naked eye.

Craft a hair system that looks even better than before your hair loss. Half hair systems are too undetectable and works with existing hair to add extra coverage on the top of the scalp where thinning often occurs. Clients are encouraged to submit photos and to sit with our hair master hair stylist for a consultation in Houston, TX. 


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have beautiful hair again

TCC Hair Loss Clinic ensures clients go about their daily routines feeling and looking comfortable as they would with their natural hair. Made from only the finest European hair, we custom color and style each hair system offering rich color, texture, and long lasting durability. Designed by our exquisite master craftsman customized to fit your personality and lifestyle. 

      1. Can I order a hair system online?  

        Yes. Shop pre-designed hair systems HERE and create your hair system from scratch HERE

      2. What makes a hair system different than a wig? 

        A TCC hair system matches your skin complexion, has custom hair texture, custom hair color, custom styling, custom cut, last 2 years for full systems, last 1 year for half systems, and can be treated like real hair every day. You can also change your hair color, hairstyle, and hair texture after your hair system is made. Hair systems can be washed daily, withstand heat daily, and withstand multiple chemical dye applications. Traditional wigs cannot do this. 

      3. How long does the hair system last?

        Full hair systems last a minimum of 2 years if properly maintained. Half hair systems (toppers) last 9-12 months with required maintenance every 2-3 months.

      4. How do I provide my scalp measurements online? 

        See our measurements page for both female and male hair systems and both full and half hair systems. Custom hair systems are an extra $300

      5. I ordered my hair system online however, I would like a virtual consultation to ensure my order is correct. How do I schedule this consultation?

        Call (781) 613-3816 Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM CST or e-mail We'll schedule your virtual consultation to speak with a hair systems specialist.

      6. Can I select XS, S, M, L cap size instead of providing custom measurements? 

        Yes. Each size is listed on each hair system option. See measurements page for size chart

      7. I haven't started my chemotherapy treatment yet, is it okay to measure my scalp considering I still have hair? 

        Yes. Get as close to your scalp as possible so you have a great fit. We suggest parting your hair the placing the measuring tape on your part. 

      8. How often can I wash my hair system?

        As often as needed however, each hair system has a specific wash schedule. See the product description for wash schedule.  

      9. What activities can I do in my hair system?

        You can partake in all physical activities. Sleeping, running, exercising, intimacy, sports, and swimming. We do not recommend diving. For extra confidence while doing physical activities, please contact us. Please see our client jumping off a 30ft cliff into water with no adhesive HERE

      10. Is this surgical? 

        No. All hair systems are non-surgical

      11. I'm a male, how can I purchase a TCC Hair System and submit measurements?

        There are two pre-designed male systems - Jesus and Anthony. These are two basic male full and half hair systems. If the two options do not meet your expectations, design your male hair system from scratch HERE. Submit a picture with order number for accuracy. See how to measure your scalp HERE to ensure the perfect fit

      12. I don't like my hair color, how can I get this fixed?

        All clients can get their hair systems color corrected within 24 hours. Online orders are sent images and videos to confirm hair color is correct. After the 24 hour window, clients will need to reschedule color correction and pay service fee. Please keep this in mind when designing and purchasing your hair system