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Our hair systems are unique and never seen before. Hair systems channel each clients inner beauty and personality. Flexible payment options and insurance reimbursement are available.


wear it everyday

How long will it last?

Full hair systems cover the entire head and will last clients 2 years minimum if properly maintained. No glue or tape is required. Half hair systems which only covers a portion of the scalp (Ex: crown area) will last 9-12 months. Glue or tape is required. Read about benefits and features HERE

a smooth transition

love your hair again

Make your hair system one-of-a- kind with our excellent services. Our skilled hair system specialist, technicians, and hairstylist ensure you'll live a happier life with amazing hair.

Go Undetected by family & friends

Your Hair, Our Secret

Each client is seen by appointment whether in office or virtually. Your hair system itself, is designed to go undetected by the naked eye. Low maintenance allows you to engage in activities without problems. Clients can also shop and customize online.

design in office or online

full, natural, & long lasting

are you ready to see you again?

No matter what the cause for your hair loss, its a difficult battle. But here at TCC Hair Loss Clinic, we guarantee a permanent smile when it comes to your hair. Go about your daily routine feeling confident and living to your highest potential. Want to speak with a Hair Systems Specialist instead of designing and shopping online? Book your consultation today.