Makeda Hair Replacement


Traditional African Bantu Knots

The Makeda hair system is very popular in Africa and the USA. Clients wear the traditional Zulu tribes heritage hairstyle by sectioning the hair into parts all over the head, then twisting those individual sections until they form mini knots. 

Description: European hair strands. Off black with blonde highlights. Custom curly texture. No glue or tape required unless wearing high ponytail. Layers around the face. 10" in hair length. Clients have the option to unwind knots and wear curly or straight. 

Wash Schedule:
Wash two times per month. Can wash everyday but color will last longer if you stick to wash schedule. 

Longevity: Last 2 years minimum. Clients can sleep and swim in hair systems. Combing and brushing your hair system daily and following the wash schedule helps your hair system to last longer. 

Heat: Styling tools are different. Clients are asked to gage their heating tools when straightening or curling their hair system. We suggest 250-450 degrees in temperature everyday. 

Consult with us before re-coloring at home or with a professional. 

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