Anthony Hair Replacement


Sophisticated & Simple for Men 

This full hair system brings men value in combination with their dream hair.

Description: European hair strands. Single process color. Male cut. Hair texture is curly. Glue or tape is provided and required. A scheduled appointment is highly suggested to install this hair system.

MaintenanceVisit office 2-3 months for scalp therapy, wash, and re-install. Clients are welcome to come in for a haircut for natural hair when needed. Air dry is recommended at home after bi-monthly wash.

Longevity: Last 1 year minimum. Clients can sleep and swim in hair systems. Combing and brushing your hair system daily and following the wash schedule helps your hair system to last longer. 

Heat: Styling tools are different. Clients are asked to gage their heating tools when straightening or curling their hair system. We suggest 250-450 degrees in temperature everyday. 

Consult with us before re-coloring at home or with a professional. 

NOTE: All hair systems purchased online comes with a consultation with a Hair Systems Specialist to review order details, maintenance, and more. 

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