Covid-19 Advisory Notice

Dear Clients & Guest, 

We take at heart to deliver the best client experience our company can offer.  Today, in a context of worldwide crisis caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we cannot but face a sad reality: clients and guests all over the world cannot travel to our Houston, TX office as they used to for good reason.
In light of the latest safety measures taken by the United States of America and local government in Houston, TX, our clinic will require masks to be worn by all clients seen in office. 
To help with social distancing, several functions will change within the company:

  • Clients designing full hair systems can design hair systems online, via phone, via e-mail, social media, or through virtual consultation. Female full hair system clients will be seen virtually and not in office. 

This change comes as a complement to the measures taken by local authorities to ensure the safety of all through the respect of social distancing, which we strongly encourage to limit the spread of the virus.

We are taking these extraordinary measures with deep regrets, but obviously for the good of all and in the hope of being able to reopen our clinic 100% and welcome all our clients and guests as soon as possible.

Our clinic staff is available during office hours by phone (781) 613-3816 and email

We would like to thank you for your understanding and support, as we truly hope we will be able to get back to our usual activities with the least possible delay.

Best Regards,

Vannessa Cox

      1. Will the adhesive harm my hair follicles and skin? 

        Adhesives are for half hair systems only. Clients can still grow their hair underneath the hair system. The adhesive does not change the timing of hair growth

      2. Is it human hair?

        Yes, all hair systems are created with 100% European human hair

      3. How often is maintenance? 

        Half hair systems use adhesive, we require clients to return every 3-4 weeks. Tape needs to get adjusted weekly or bi-monthly depending on skin e.g. oily, dry. Full hair systems, treat as you would your normal hair. If you use an adhesive on your full hair system, we ask clients to clean the hairline weekly

      4. Can I order a hair system online?  

        Yes. Shop pre-designed hair systems HERE and contact us to design from scratch

      5. How long does the hair system last?

        Full hair systems last a minimum of 2 years if properly maintained. Half hair systems last 9-12 months with required maintenance every 3-4 weeks

      6. I haven't started my chemotherapy treatment yet, is it okay to measure my scalp considering I still have hair? 

        Yes. Get as close to your scalp as possible so you have a great fit. We suggest parting your hair the placing the measuring tape on your part

      7. How often can I wash my hair system?

        As often as needed however, each hair system has a specific wash schedule. See the product description for wash schedule

      8. What activities can I do in my hair system?

        You can partake in all physical activities. Sleeping, running, exercising, intimacy, sports, and swimming. We do not recommend diving. For extra confidence while doing physical activities, please contact us. Please see our client jumping off a 30ft cliff into water with no adhesive HERE

      9. I'm a male, how can I purchase a TCC Hair System and submit measurements?

         Half hair systems require an in-office consultation for accurate measurements. Full hair systems, males will follow instructions given by our Hair Systems Specialist 

      10. I don't like my hair color, how can I get this fixed?

        All clients can get their hair systems color corrected within 24 hours. Online orders are sent images and videos to confirm hair color is correct. After the 24 hour window, clients will need to reschedule color correction and pay service fee. Please keep this in mind when designing and purchasing your hair system