Due to the nature of the product we do not extend refunds or exchanges. We will work with clients on alterations, style, and color changes


We do not accept checks. Please purchase hair system online or in office. Purchasing from TCC Hair Loss Clinic both online and in office indicates you abide by our no refund and exchange policy. Checks from foundations, organizations, and or people are not accepted to our clinic. 

Scalp Material

TCC Hair Loss Clinic is not responsible for any irritation to human scalp from hair system. Clients receive a nylon wig cap in their care package.

Color, Cut, & Style

Due to the nature of this service. We do not offer any refunds. We will work with clients to alter any corrections that are needed. Clients are encouraged to return hair systems to our office at 1213 Hermann Drive #254 Houston, TX 77004 with insurance on the package. 


Full hair systems last a minimum of 2 years and half hair systems (toppers) minimum 1 year. Each client handles their hair system differently which could alter this time span. Please see our Warranty Policy

Data Retention

Credit card information is kept within the app and not with TCC Hair Loss Clinic.

Rush Orders

Rush orders require a 40% rush fee. Rush orders are completed within 15-25 days.


Allocate 30-45 days for your hair system to complete.


All hair systems require signature upon delivery. Clients will need to work with FedEx to change delivery pick-up and signature method as we do not re-route or ship packages without signatures required.

In office pick up is available. 


If client damages hair systems inside or outside the clinic it's on the client to replace and not the clinic. Damage example: cut scalp, bleach, burn, etc.

Monthly Payment 

Signed contract is required. Clients must qualify for 50% down and $100 monthly payment.  

In-Office Consultation

I do not have any open sores on scalp and hair is cleaned.



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By clicking the “no refund” checkbox online you agree to our company Policy:




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