Due to the nature of the product we do not extend refunds or exchanges. We work with clients on alterations, style, and color changes after purchase.

Clients cannot make exchanges. All hair systems are unique and not equal to one another.

Checks from foundations, organizations, and or people are not accepted to our clinic. Please purchase hair system online. Purchasing from TCC Hair Loss Clinic online indicates you abide by our no refund and exchange policy. 

Color, Cut, & Style
Clients are required to speak with our colorist for a 15 minute color consultation (in-person or virtual). Due to the nature of this service, we work with clients to alter any corrections that are needed. Color correction is free within 24 hours of completion communication. During this 24 hr window, we show clients videos and pictures of their hair system for approval. Communication is via e-mail, Direct Message or text. After this time window, clients are responsible for cost. Color corrections get re-added to color schedule which may extend completion time. Online clients shop exact hair color of hair systems shown.

Data Retention
Credit card information is kept within the application and not with TCC Hair Loss Clinic. Clients purchasing additional products at a later date will need to provide payment information again.

Rush Orders
Rush orders of any kind are not permitted.

Allocate 2-3 months for your hair system to complete. We will not over promise with time. Covid-19 could cause interruption in hair retrieval, shipping, and materials used. We communicate any interruption which could cause delay extending ETA. Refunds are not honored if ETA is missed.

All hair systems require signature upon delivery. Clients are to work with carrier to change delivery location and signature as we do not re-route and ship packages without required signature.

If client damages hair system inside or outside the clinic it's on the client to replace at a cost and not THLC. Damage example include and not exclusive to: rips and tears, bleach, burns, alterations, heat damage, color damage. 

Monthly Payment
Installments are offered online only. 

I agree to THLC Policy (Online shoppers must check policy agreement at checkout)

Updated April 4, 2022