Mom & Dad, Remember School Days?

Today, bullying doesn't end at school. It travels to your home due to social media. We feel our younger clients pain when they suffer hair loss and have to face the world again. Children who suffer from hair loss experience extreme trauma to their social and emotional development. 

Designing Is Fun! 

Kids enjoy designing their hair system. Its fun discussing their new hair and fitting on hair systems in the office. Designing their dream hair gives them comfort knowing they'll be a regular kid despite their hair loss.

Their Life Doesn't Stop

Child clients and parents are educated about upkeep for every scenario. Full hair system require no visits to the office after completion. Kids can swim and play sports in their hair systems. Although adhesives are not required for full systems, for contact sports, we suggest and provide adhesives. 

Adults Required

All children under the age of 18 are required to be with an adult in the office or virtual. Call to book your child's appointment (832) 271-6984

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