Our hair systems generally ranges from $1,199 – $6,000 depending on customization. 

You can be assured that you’re receiving a price which is competitive with other quality hair replacement companies around the world. The exact cost of your hair system is determined by your individual needs, including: length, size, color, style, cut and texture.

We've added payment options to aid with hair system cost. 

      1. SPLIT PAY - Split the cost between debit/credit cards and/or friends and family. Send invoices to those helping you pay. Send e-mail to info@tcchair.net with product name and the amount to send to each e-mail address

      2. PAYMENT PLANS - Get qualified for our monthly interest free payments as low as $150. Clients receive their hair system after 50% of total cost is paid. Start your payment plan online here

        Example: Alison's hair system is $2,000 USD. Alison started a  $200 monthly plan July 2020. Alison will receive her hair system November 2020. Alison will continue paying $200 a month till April 2021. 

        Signature agreement required before shipment.