Unlike any hairline you've seen

Skin tone color of the "scalp" helps the hair system go undetected along the hairline.

Glue not required

No stares due to adhesive residue. If used, remove with soap and warm water every 2-3 days. Then re-apply adhesive(s).


No thick hair lines. Shorter hair strands along the hairline for a natural look.

Lace removal

We cut the lace along the hairline for you. If additional lace needs cutting, clients can cut from home. Contact us for help.

*Image shows extra lace at the widows peak area.


With shorter hair strands along the hairline, you can create sideburns for a natural look.

Versatile styling

Place hair behind your ears with ease. For high ponytails, clients will need adhesive at the temple, peak, and sideburns.

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