The World's Beautiful Hair

THLC hair systems are created with the rarest human hair. Our top tier hair systems have a worldwide presence because we design a supremely comfortable and aesthetically pleasing hair replacement, involving a highly technical global production process.

No Scalpel, No Surgery, No Plugs

What you thought about hair replacement has change dramatically. Thousands of THLC clients are interacting with people and their hair replacement is undetected. Why? The technology and amazing donor hair. Thanks to our expert technicians, each hair wig gives you natural results.

Women & Girls

Our advanced non-surgical hair replacement is for females ages 6+. No matter the hair type and reason for hair loss, you can design a THLC hair replacement.

Why Us?

We guarantee the best results! Our expert staff are top professionals in hair restoration. This hair loss solution is non-surgical in which requires no down time.  Clients leave our office looking and feeling great with beautiful hair. You hair replacement will endure daily styling and day-to-day activities for 1-2 years. All hair wigs are designed to fit your scalp comfortably and matches your skin tone for an undetectable finish. No glue or tape was used in the image below.

Value Added To Your Life

Enjoy your life without being self conscious about your hair. Your self worth will increase in ways you can't image. We deliver not only a hair system, we deliver happiness. Plan for beautiful days ahead, smiling from ear to ear flipping your hair in the mirror. Your hair replacement will look as if it grew out of your scalp. It's time to enjoy your life!


There are many clients whom don't show their hair loss to family members in their own homes. Our hair loss clinic gives clients complete privacy. Walk ins are not accepted and clients are seen in a room with their designated designer. Your consultation, design process, payments, and pick-ups are all in private. Images of client faces are not shown in the office to anyone. We have a high profile clientele list and that includes you.