Is Your Self Esteem Shot?

Hair loss can impact a women's self esteem, career, social life, and normal daily activities negatively causing more stress to her hair. If you're reading this, you're at the right place to get the old you back or better yet, the new and improved you!


Enjoy your full hair system for 2 years minimum without any interruption when properly maintained. Half hair systems require adhesives and for clients to return to the clinic for maintenance every month. Your hair system is custom to you. Engage in physical activities, water activities, and day-to-day tasks without any stares and minimal to no maintenance. 


Are private and away from males. During your private consultation, we discuss your hair loss, expectations, hair system design, insurance, and maintenance education. 

Are You Ready?

Have amazing top quality hair after the traumatic experience of hair loss. Call to schedule (832) 271-6984

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