All hair systems are created with the finest hair from Eastern Europe and Russia. Hair strands are selected from women with the purest and strongest strands. With our impeccable design process and craftsmanship, each hair system is a masterpiece undetectable by the naked eye resulting in clients getting their lives back and strengthening their self esteem.


  • Hand selected hair strands

  • Custom texture

  • Hidden cuticle for optimal discretion

  • Withstands multiple color jobs and daily heat

  • Flexible styling


    • Measured for a close fit to scalp

    • 3D Scan

    • Visible scalp throughout entire system

    • Hairline skin match

    • Excellent scalp ventilation

    • Six additional security features (full hair systems)


    • Undetectable to the naked eye

    • Visually striking skin complexion match

    • Impeccable custom hair color

    • Long lasting hair strands and hair system

    • Engage in physical activities daily

    • Wear and style daily

    • Cleanse when needed

    • Full hair systems do not require adhesives

    • Half hair systems require adhesives and in-office maintenance visit every 3-4 weeks