Hair Strands

1. Hand selected hair from South America

2. Non-processed hair from women

3. Hair is from trade

4. Custom textures: straight, soft curls, spiral/cork curls, and kinky curls.

5. Withstands multiple color applications and heat


1. Comb and wash like real hair

2. Light weight

3. Wig cap not required

4. Last 2 years when properly maintained

5. Engage in physical activities
Wear on/off

6. Low to mid ponytail without adhesive


1. Excellent ventilation

2. Follicles: 1-2 strands per hole

3. Hairline: pre-plucked

4. Hairline: natural finish with 7 skin tones

5. Built in combs

6. Swiss HD lace: Thinnest made

7. Sizes XS, S, M, and L