All hair systems are created with the finest hair from Europe. Hair strands are selected from women with the purest and strongest strands. With our impeccable design process and craftsmanship, each hair system is a masterpiece undetectable by the naked eye resulting in clients getting their lives back and strengthening their self esteem.


  • Hand selected hair strands from Europe

  • Custom textures

  • Withstands multiple color applications and heat


    • Swiss monofilament spandex with excellent ventilation

    • Blends with all seven THLC skin complexions - clients skin complexion image required
    • Open lace-front (starting 11/24) from temple-to-temple for a true natural front hairline

    • French top for a true-to-skin appearance

    • Unseen from close distance, minute holes prevent natural hair penetration through the surface area of the cap

    • Double-lined back for durability & longevity

    • Elastic adjustable bands on each bottom side for added security

    • Sewn in flexible combs


    • Full hair systems last 2 years

    • Half hair systems (males) last 9-12 months

    • Engage in physical activities daily

    • Wear and style daily

    • Cleanse when needed