• Hand selected hair from Europe

  • Non-processed hair from women

  • Hair is from trade

  • Custom textures (fine, thick, natural, curly)

  • Withstands multiple color applications and heat
  • Cuticles: Bleached knots

  • Hairline: Pre-plucked

  • Natural hair line due to skin tone match

      CAP (foundation)

      • Two types of hair systems: Full open scalp and half wefts. Full open scalp hair systems could get parted anywhere and a visible "scalp" is seen. Half wefts have open scalp only from ear to ear and to middle of scalp

      • Excellent ventilation


      • Extremely light weight 

      • Wig cap not required

      • Last 2 years when properly maintained

      • Engage in physical activities
      • Wear on/off

      • Low-mid ponytail without adhesive

      • Cleanser: Salon grade sulfate free shampoo and conditioner

      • Heat: Low to high heat

      • Wash: Cool temperature 


      THLC - Hair System Before & After

      *with wefts below

      *full open scalp below