Features & Benefits

  1. 100% human non-processed hair from Eastern Europe. Tangle free and can wash daily depending on hair color
  2. Full hair systems lasts a minimum of 2 years. Half systems lasts 9-12 months with maintenance 
  3. No gel, glue, or tape required
  4. Engage in physical  activities without being self conscious. Example: swimming, boating, karate, football, volleyball, softball, jumping into water, sleeping, being intimate, showering, dancing, running, exercising, and more. We do not suggest diving off diving board into water. Watch client jump off cliff into water HERE
  5. Custom to scalp. We'll get your hair system to the closets fit possible 
  6. Natural hairline matches skin complexion

  7. Hair systems are handmade. Each hair strand is injected into the scalp. You'll be able to run your hands through hair system and not feel anything besides your scalp

  8. Can withstand multiple color applications like human hair. Please consult a professional license hairstylist to color your hair system if you do not have our company color

  9. Systems have six different security features allowing for comfortable and secure fit without the use of adhesives

  10. Hair can withstand daily heat. If you're someone that once curled your hair daily, you can do this with your hair system

  11. Customize your hair length, hair texture, hair color, hair thickness, and style

  12. All hair systems scalps are ventilated allowing air to flow through
  13. Part your hair system anywhere and you'll see a scalp! Hair systems are not designed with wefts
  14. Have amazing full hair daily that look and behaves like real hair! Wash your hair system (full hair systems) like it's your own hair. Blow dry and/or air dry. Both allowed just depends on your preference
  15. Remove on/off with ease like a hat all while secure
  16. Full hair systems stay secure without adhesives. Doesn't mean you can't use them
  17. No one will know you have a hair system on
    1. Can I order a hair system online?  

      Yes. Click pre-designed hair systems or design a hair system from scratch from our site. We'll send you an invoice within the hour to complete your pre-order purchase. You can also give us a call to talk details

    2. What makes a hair system different than a wig? 

       Our hair systems matches your skin complexion, has custom hair texture, custom hair color, and custom styling. You can also change your hair color, hairstyle, and hair texture after your hair system is made. Hair systems also last a minimum 2 years, can get washed daily, withstand heat daily, and multiple chemical dye applications. Traditional wigs cannot do this. 

    3. How long does the hair system last?

      Full hair systems last a minimum of 2 years if properly maintained. Half hair systems (toppers) last 9-12 months with required maintenance every 2-3 months. Half hair systems are not sold online

    4. How do I provide my scalp measurements online? 

      We'll send you an e-mail to set up a virtual consultation and instructions to measure your scalp once purchased

    5. Can I select XS, S, M, L cap size instead of providing custom measurements? 

      Yes. We'll send you a size chart to ensure you have the best size once purchased

    6. How often can I wash my hair system?

      As often needed however, we suggest once per week and bi-monthly depending on color (blonde/pastels)

    7. Q: What activities can I do in my hair system?

      You can partake in all physical activities. Sleeping, running, exercising, intimacy, sports, and swimming. We do not recommend diving. For extra confidence while doing physical activities, please contact us. Please see our client jumping off a 30ft cliff into water with no adhesive HERE