1. How long does it take to make custom orders?

      Half weft hair systems take 1-2 months. Full hair systems take 6-7 months. 

    2. Do you have hair systems in the salon? 

      Our Dallas, TX salon will open September 2022. Please shop online or contact our office to design a custom look

    3. Could I design a full lace hair systems? 

      Yes. Please call or email the office to order. This hair system type takes 6-7 months to create

    4. Does half weft hair systems cost less?

      No. There is no difference in cost. There is a difference in time

    5. What hair system type are the pre-made hair systems I see online? 

      These are half-weft hair system. If you'd like a hair system shown online in a full open scalp hair system, please contact our office

    6. Is it human hair? 

      Yes. All hair systems and toppers are created with 100% Eastern European hair from trade. Donors enter our office and request to trade

    7. How long will it last? 

      All hair systems last 2 years minimum if properly maintained 

    8. Can I wear my hair system everyday? 


    9. Do you take insurance?

      We are currently out-of-network with all major insurance companies. Clients are asked to call their insurance before purchasing to determine cost. Clients are reimbursed by their insurance company

    10. Do you accept Cryptocurrency as payment?


    11. Can I part my hair system anywhere? Example: pigtails, half up/half down hairstyles

      Yes, however, only for open scalp hair systems. Half weft hair systems can get parted at the top area of hair system (ear to ear and front to the middle of system)

    12. Do you sell toppers? 

      Yes. Please scroll down to see an example

    13. How often can I wash my hair replacement?

      1-2 times per month with both shampoo and conditioner 

    14. How to I dry my hair system? 

      Air drying or a hand dryer is fine. Comb while hand drying. Combing while wet and/or while drying helps shape the hair system (flat/neat)

    15. What products to use on hair system? 

      Clients could use any product they deem fit for styling. Refrain from heavy oils before applying heat. Light oils and hair spray work best for hydrating and holding styles. As for shampoos and conditioners, we suggest sulfate free products to help keep color, moisture, and integrity

    16. What to do if my hair system arrives with lace uncut along the hairline? 

      Any areas with lace showing with no hair should get cut. Please call the office if you'd like assistance 

    17. Can I do physical activities in my hair system?

      You can partake in all physical activities. For extra confidence while doing physical activities, please contact us. Watch client jump off cliff into water with no adhesive HERE

    18. My hair system arrived however, I would like to change the hair color. What should I do?

      Color corrections happen within 24 hours with no charge to client. Clients are sent images and videos to confirm hair color is correct before shipping. After the 24 hour window, a color correction fee is responsible by the client

    19. My hair system feels a little big. What should I do? 

      Inside the hair system are straps and hooks. Adjust these items for a tighter fit. If the hair systems still feels loose, call the office to confirm return to make it smaller. This fix takes 1-2 months

    20. Can I pay extra to have my hair system done immediately?

      Due to our process, no. Orders are worked by the FIFO method - first in, first out

    21. How do I determine my head size?

      Soft measuring tape works best
    1. Measuring Chart








      Front to Nape




      Ear to ear forehead




      Ear to ear over top head




      Temple to temple round back




      Nape of neck