Welcome to THLC

Inspired by the need to help people feel their best, THLC is a compassionate and luxurious company that gives hair loss patients a one-on-one experience.

Our company

Established in 2017 in Houston, TX, we design custom, non-surgical, timeless, and effortless wigs for women and kids suffering from hair loss. No matter your location, you can design a hair system in private and with respect on our website or via virtual consultation.

The hair

Our hair strands are ethically sourced from South America by trade. Hair wigs are then cut, colored, and styled in both Dallas and Houston Texas, USA. Each hair wig is created with rich and strong hair strands to seamlessly transition clients from hair loss to full beautiful hair for 1-2 years.


Our Swiss HD lace is 0.17 mm thin, which is significantly thinner than the 0.28 mm lace used by most wig companies. This means that our wigs are virtually undetectable, giving you the most natural-looking results possible.

Hair knotting technique

We place 1-2 hair strands in each hole. This takes longer than the traditional method, but it results in a more natural-looking wig with no visible knots.

6" depth parting

The parting space is 6 inches deep from the hairline to the middle of the head. Wefts are only visible in the back of the wig unless you select the "full lace" option, which allows you to part your hair anywhere on your scalp.

The perfect fit

Our wigs are designed to fit snugly against your scalp, giving you a natural, undetectable look.

Hair density

We understand that everyone's hair density is different, so we offer a variety of options to choose from: thick, natural, and thin.

Wig types: Half weft and full lace

Half weft wigs have weft tracks in the back and open parting in front. They are shipped within 1 month. Full lace wigs have open parting everywhere and require 7 months to ship. They are $600 more expensive.