From the start of my career, I’ve always been in an industry that helped people. I knew I could bring more value and impact to the community when, I shifted the company's focus on a segment of beauty where the people are ignored, hair loss. TCC Hair Loss Clinic was then born. 

No matter your location, you can design a hair system specifically designed for you, by you, in privacy, and with respect. TCC Hair Loss Clinic is a collection of custom non-surgical timeless, effortless, and sophisticated hair systems for women, men, and kids suffering from hair loss. Inspired by my huge heart to help people feel their best, I saw the need to create a company that is compassionate, luxurious, and gives hair loss patients a one-on-one experience. With my amazing global team, we design hair pieces with clients that are modern, chic, edgy, classic yet trendy, and simple – with a pop of personality. 

Made of rich and strong hair strands from Europe, our hair systems are designed to seamlessly transition clients from losing hair to feeling like themselves again, everyday. Each system is customized to showcase every clients unique style and individuality during hair loss all while treating your natural hair underneath. A huge perk, is that full hair systems do not require glues or tape. Yes! 

Our notable clinic has a worldwide presence with in-office and virtual consultations. The company is rapidly becoming a “go-to” for women, men, and kids suffering from hair loss. We look forward to helping you feel and look your best after the traumatic experience of hair loss. Clients now have the option to design and shop online! HERE

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