TCC Hair Loss Clinic (THLC) provides an exclusive experience to hair loss clients. We specialize in hand crafted non-surgical custom hair pieces for women, men, and children. Inspired by our founder Vannessa Cox, to help people feel their best, THLC is compassionate, creates change, and delivers remarkable custom hair systems. 

Made of rich and strong hair strands from Europe, our hair systems are custom designed to seamlessly transition clients from fearing hair loss to not even thinking about it. No matter the reason for hair loss, it never gets easy seeing your hair fall out every day. Our clients wear their hair systems daily, increasing their self esteem, looking younger, feeling great, and natural.

Our notable clinic has a worldwide presence with in-office and virtual consultations and rapidly becoming a “go-to” for those suffering from hair loss. We look forward to helping you feel and look your best after the traumatic experience of hair loss.