How to measure?

Nape: 5” - 5.5” - 6”

Back: 14” - 14.5” - 15.5”

Ear to ear front: 11” - 11.5” - 12”

Front to back: 13.5. -14.5” - 15.5”

Circumference: 21.5” - 22.5” - 23.5”

Middle: 12” - 12.5” - 13.5”


We let our 2022-2023 reviews speak for themselves.

4.98 average
47 reviews

Scrolling on Pinterest and found THLC. THANK YOU!

Ashley R

Loyal Customer

Love this hair! You are god send, Vannessa.

Jackie W

Loyal Customer

I've had my unit for 2+ years. A must buy.

Emily A

Loyal Customer

Thank you


Loyal Customer

I was scared to purchase so I called. Spoke to them for an hour on video. Thank you.

Robin C

Loyal Customer

New to wigs. Happy I found you Vannessa.

Shannon G

Loyal Customer

I am comfortable at work and while on travel. Forget I'm wearing a wig most of the time.

Katie S

Loyal Customer

Wear for all occasions

Whether at work, on a vacation or your wedding, you are safe wearing your THLC hair system.

Invisible hairline

Last 1-2 years

100% human hair

Don't forget to measure your scalp