I Feel Ugly Without Hair. Am I wrong?

We see clients daily. All for different reasons, different ages, different genders, and from different backgrounds. But one commonality is how they feel without hair - ugly. It's a terrible term but it exists and it is felt when clients lose their hair.

How do you tell a client to cheer up after her spouse expressed he's no longer attracted to her due to hair loss? How do you tell a child to be confident in class when kids are staring at his bald patches? How do you tell a graduate to get excited about college when her hair wig is bulky and synthetic but is the only thing she can find in her town? Sad truths we see in the office and what our clients face every waking minute.

Are you wrong for feeling this way? No. We can't avoid this hard truth because the term is "bad" or because we're not "alone." 

As an owner, I tell clients how a THLC hair replacement will help them live a more confident and beautiful life. Also, that they must come to terms with hair replacement and its position in their lives moving forward.

Clients experience the following with a THLC hair system:  

  • Normalcy 
  • Happiness 
  • Less anxiety 
  • Friendship 
  • Laughter 
  • Hugs and kisses 
  • Relief 
  • Comfort 
  • Human touch 
  • Higher self-esteem 
  • New eyesight 
  • Travel 
  • Encouragement 
  • A voice 
  • Power 
  • Achievement 

Clients leave our office with joy in their eyes. It does take a short period of time learning how to style your hair system, seeing yourself in our hair system, maneuvering physical activities in your hair system, and more. But only because its new. Just like driving a car for the first time or moving to a new city. It takes time to adjust. But your THLC hair system is now a part of your body. It's with you in the morning, during a presentation, during weight training, a 12 hour flight, when your kids see you, and during outings. Its with you through it all. You'll get use to it. And you'll get use to feeling beautiful again :)